While new releases in the comic book world are a dime a dozen (or $3.99 an issue in most cases), sometimes its nice to go through the back issues and look at books long past. This is “From the Vault”…

When it comes to collecting comics, the majority of my collection focus on comics from the 1970’s through present day. I do have a few little gems sitting in my long boxes, however. Here is one of my personal favorites:

This book, while not in the utmost best shape, came into my life by accident one day at my local comic shop. Relatively inexpensive for it’s importance to the history of the medium, this issue featured the Silver Age debut of Catwoman. Her final appearance in the Golden Age was in Batman #84 in September of 1954, it would take her over a decade to appear in comics again. Her next appearance would be in a Superman book, no less, in the November 1966 issue.

Written by Leo Dorfman and art by Kurt Schaffenberger, the look and portrayal of Catwoman that would be explored and expanded on by the likes of Neal Adams in the 1970’s until the modern reimagining of the 1980’s by Frank Miller.

Even though I was a child of the 90’s, growing up on the Catwoman shaped my Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, I always liked the this look for her.

One thing I can never get enough of from the old Golden Age/Silver Age Catwoman…

…that dialouge! Only in these classic tales could the writers get away with over doing it with the cat puns. It’s seriously m.

That’s it for this edition of From the Vault.. Until next time, happy hunting.


Time Keeps on Slipping…

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…into the future.

It is insane to see how much time goes between my posts here. This was one of my pet projects for so long. I lived and breathed for the hunt. Then life gets in the way and it slowly slipped into a blog about my Harley Quinn collection. Granted, that was about the only thing I was collecting at the time. Now I go nearly a full year without a post of any kind. I guess I should really fix that.

Over the last year, I’ve had my interests going through a roller coaster of peaks and dips. I’ve tried staying true to my comic book background, especially anything in relation to Batman and Harley Quinn, but there seemed to be an explosion for the latter that has made it rather difficult to maintain pace. I’ve got into some serious hobby gaming. Jumped head first into the TCG waters with Panini’s rerelease of the “DragonBall Z” card game. WizKids released a game called Dice Masters and D&D Attack Wing that sparked interest, spinning out of my love of HeroClix and Star Trek Attack Wing. I’ve also started looking into the possibilities of games like WarHammer and Hordes. I’m still not sure about that.

My comic collecting took a major back seat in this crazy car ride of life. I found myself going from 30-40 books a month to 10-15, needless to say killing my goal of “1000 books in a year”. This was due in a combination of several things, from restructuring at work (no job loss, thankfully, but I had to be prepared) to a utter exhaustion of events, gimmicks and low print runs. Books like Batman and Harley Quinn kept me reading, but nothing really dragged me in and immersed me like they used to. From time to time, though, I’d find a book that sparked an interest like Archie’s relaunch of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” but that interest would soon give into boredom. Events like Trinity War and Forever Evil turned me off of several books I was reading, like Justice League and Justice League Dark, but events like Spider-Verse had me drooling for more.

I attended my first gaming only convention, GenCon, and entered my first major world tournament for any type of gaming. Between bad calls and player attitude that was for a prize that amounted to glorified bragging rights, I found myself isolated for the interest of competitive gaming. However, as ticket registration has previously ended for this year’s GenCon, I find myself actually contemplating trying again. Not for the game that turned me off in the first place (HeroClix), but for other games that might have a better system of risk vs. reward.

After C2E2, I found myself attending only one other comic convention in 2014: Geek Galaxy in Evansville, IN. It was in my own backyard so I’d have been a fool not to go. Instead of a fan, however, I attended as an artist. It was a fun show, met some great people and celebrities, but in the end it was a fruitless endeavor to get myself out there as an artist. I spent hundreds of dollars to prepare, set up and attend the show only to have a small number of people look at my stuff, let alone purchase anything. Those that did were either friends or acquaintances. Many of the artists I spoke with from the show would account it to a bad crowd, poor foot traffic (everyone was there for the Power Ranger actors), poor location (I was in a corner, wedged between a booth selling buttons and a replica Jeep from ‘Jurassic Park), ect. I chalk it up to my style and skill, or lack there of.

The holidays saw me working for a job I still hate, even after eight years. Going into my ninth year with my company, I have to wonder if I have Stockholm Syndrome.

However, I digress.

2015 is a new year. And while we are officially a month in, there are still eleven more months to turn things around. C2E2 is coming up quickly in April, with GenCon in July. I have that collector itch once more and this time this blog will help me maintain it, keeping it from vanishing on me once more.

For those who have stuck by and waited for updates, this is it. For those joining me for the first time, I welcome you. Its going to be an amazing year and we’re going to ride it all the way to the end.

Until next time,

Happy collecting!


It’s getting to a point where I’m finding it difficult to justify these variants, DC. February’s awful “steampunk” cover was bad enough. You made up for it last month with the “Robot Chicken” variant. This is just…wrong.

Seriously...who would honestly buy this?!

Seriously…who would honestly buy this?!

Like a moth to the flame, I bought it. It is the 1:25 “MAD Magazine” variant. To date, out of six issues (#0,1-5), I have bought:

#0A (x2)
#0B (1:25 variant)
#0C (Blank sketch, x2)
#0D (2nd printing)
#1A (x2)
#1B (1:25 variant)
#1C (2nd printing)
#2B (2nd printing)
#3B (1:25 variant)
#4B (1:25 variant)
#5A (x2)
#5B (1:25 variant)

However, while in the midst of writing this, I have discovered there was a variant to issue #4 that is heating up eBay:

Already at $100+ on eBay...!

This is the “Red” Roadshow variant. A day or two before any major North American convention, DC Comics hosts a “Retailer Roadshow”. It is a 2-3 seminar and Q&A session for retailers to talk directly to DC Comics and get exclusive information. At the end, a little grab bag is handed out. This was available at the MegaCon Roadshow. Currently, unsigned copies are heating up eBay, some commanding $100+ price tags. I could only imagine getting a signed copy graded.

This is now the hunt. Nothing else matters. C2E2 is next week. I will own this book!

Until next time…Happy Hunting!


The production team behind “Arrow” released this little backstage image from the recent “Suicide Squad”. Here we get to see Harley (shown only in shadow and voiced by Tara Strong in the episode) in full make-up. The actress is Cassidy Alexa. She looks great, in my opinion.


The producers have said to reel in expectations on what is going to happen with her, but they are doing too much to not think she’s going to play a bigger part.

A new Harley Quinn piece

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So, it’s only been forever and a day, uh?

As convention season and yard sale season are about to begin, I am slowly making my way back into the swing of collecting from the normal holiday break. To prove it, here is a new piece added to collection this week:

Harley Quinn 12

She was purchased at Comic Quest in Evansville, Indiana for $200. Normally, I wouldn’t spend that kind of money this close to C2E2 (especially on a glorified action figure) but she was just too beautiful to pass up.

1000 Comics in 2013: Update

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So in order to keep me writing on a daily (or at least weekly basis), I’m going to start updating this project every week after new comic Wednesdays.

347. Batman Incorporated #13
348. Detective Comics #23
349. Guardians of the Galaxy #5
350. Satellite Sam #2
351. Sidekick #1
352. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #24
353. Trillium #1
354. Batman #23
355. Batman Annual #2
356. Batman: Li’l Gotham #5
357. Detective Comics #23
358. East of West #5
359. Justice League of America #7
360. Kick-Ass #3
361. Saga #13
362. Star Wars #7
363. Revival #10
364. Revival #11
365. Revival #12
366. Suicide Squad #23
367. True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #3
368. Wake #3
369. World’s Finest #15
370. Wolverine and the X-Men #34

Still not quite to the half way point, darn it. I have a sneaking suspicion if I’m not at 500 by the end of August then I need to think of retiring this goal for the year.

We’re about half way through with August and I’ve not yet reached 500 issues. Honestly, this is a bit larger of a task than I’d originally believed it to be. However I do move on and with this update, I do cross the big 300! The 300th issue add to my collection this year (in no particular order, mind you) was Deadpool #10 from Marvel Comics.

231. All Star Western #19
232. All Star Western #20
233. Aquaman #20
234. Aquaman #21
235. Aquaman #22
236. Batgirl #20
237. Batman #21
238. Batman #22
239. Batman and Batgirl (Robin) #21
240. Batman and Catwoman (Robin) #21
241. Batman Incorporated #11
242. Batman Incorporated #12
243. Batman: The Dark Knight #20
244. Batman: The Dark Knight #21
245. Batman: The Dark Knight #22
246. Batman/Superman #1
247. Batman/Superman #2
248. Batman ’66 #1
249. Batman: Li’l Gotham #2
250. Batman: Li’l Gotham#3
251. Batman: Li’l Gotham #4
252. Batwoman #20
253. Batwoman #21
254. Batwoman #22
255. Catwoman #20
256. Catwoman #21
257. Catwoman #22
258. Catwoman Annual #1
259. Detective Comics #20
260. Detective Comics #21
270. Detective Comics #22
271. The Flash #20
272. Green Lantern #20
273. Justice League #20
274. Justice League #21
275. Justice League #22
276. Justice League Dark #22
277. Justice League of America #3
278. Justice League of America #4
279. Justice League of America # 6
280. Nightwing #20
281. Nightwing #21
282. Nightwing #22
283. Red Hood and the Outlaws #20
284. Red Hood and the Outlaws #21
285. Red Hood and the Outlaws #22
286. Suicide Squad #21
287. Suicide Squad #22
288. Teen Titans #20
289. Vibe #5
290. World’s Finest #13
291. World’s Finest #14
292. Age of Ultron #7
293. Age of Ultron #8
294. Age of Ultron #9
295. Age of Ultron #10
296. Age of Ultron #10AI
297. Avenging Spider-Man #20
298. Avenging Spider-Man #21
299. Avenging Spider-Man #22
300. Deadpool #10
301. Deadpool #11
302. Deadpool #12
303. Deadpool #13
304. Guardians of the Galaxy #3
305. Guardians of the Galaxy #4
306. Nova #4
307. Nova #5
308. Superior Spider-Man #10
309. Superior Spider-Man #11
310. Superior Spider-Man #12
311. Superior Spider-Man #13
312. Superior Spider-Man #14
313. Wolverine and the X-Men #27AU
314. Wolverine and the X-Men #28
315. Wolverine and the X-Men #29
316. Wolverine and the X-Men #30
317. Wolverine and the X-Men #31
318. Wolverine and the X-Men #32
319. Wolverine and the X-Men #33
320. X-Men #1
321. Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash #1
322. Bounce #1
323. Bounce #2
324. Bounce #3
325. East of West #3
326. East of West #4
327. The (New) Ghostbusters #4
328. The (New) Ghostbusters #5
329. The (New) Ghostbusters #6
330. Jupiter’s Legacy #2
331. Kick-Ass 3 #1 (Hughes cover)
332. Lazarus #1
333. Lazarus #2
334. Satellite Sam #1
335. Star Wars #6
336. Star Wars #7
337. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #21
338. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #22
339. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #23
340. The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #1
341. The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #2
342. Über #1
343. Über #2
344. Über #3
345. Wake #1
346. Wake #2